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Classes and Schedule

What We Offer

Thursdays at 6:00pm
Kathleen Crosby

Elevating Embodiment
A nurturing Yoga Class where students are encouraged to move with
awareness, to cultivate accep
tance, courage & strength. It is our desire you find this class rich with opportunity to tune in, unwind, and to create ease in
your yoga practice and life.

Saturdays at 9:30am
enise Berg

Morning Flow is an all levels vinyasa-based practice designed to help you improve strength, balance and flexibility.  Here you’ll explore foundational yoga postures with appropriate body alignment while emphasizing the breath to movement connection. This morning classes starts with ease and centering to let go of the week builds with powerful flow combinations to leave you energized and ready for the weekend.

Mondays & Wednesdays at

 Tiffani Brock & Jacqui Bolger

This class is designed to stimulate your body and mind while improving flexibility and strength. Enjoy this high energy class that’s sure to inspire all practitioners to be challenged and to find your personal edge.

Monthly Sundays 4:30-6pm
Jacqui Bolger

This class is for everyone. Most poses are on your mat and are held for an extended time (5-10 minutes). Each pose is created with the support of props, including straps, bolsters, blankets and blocks to give your body access to full relaxation. Classes incorporate deep breath exercises and meditation to increase mindfulness, balance and centering. Come to relax and restore.

NEXT CLASS: JUNE 30th,  4:30-6PM

Denise and Jacqui also teach privates and semi privates. Along with Jacqui offering integrative personal fitness classes, and Denise corporate yoga classes.

We Also Offer Tai Chi! 
A 10 week series offered periodically throughout the year


Taiji (Tai Chi) is a multi dimensional movement system incorporating martial, meditative, and energetic orientations. Tai chi improves balance and lower body strength as well as limberness and general flexibility. Students learn the yang style short form as well as push hands practice.


Carmine Anastasio teaches the Tai Chi Program through ten-week courses offered multiple times a year. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with decades of taichi study. He teaches the yang form, focusing on deepening the understanding of the essential combination of breath and movement in the meditative taichi forms.

Here's Our Schedule

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